NIMN 2019 Presidential Election – Position Statement Of Contestant

Tony Agenmonmen, fnimn – Position Statement

NIMN: Work-In-Progress

The last two years has been the honour of my life to serve our Institute as President/Chairman of Council. It has been a very challenging but exciting period. I have received tremendous support and encouragement from many members. I thank you all. I would also like to thank specially my colleagues in Council for the tremendous support.

My biggest task on assumption of the Presidency was to raise the profile and equity of the NIMN brand that was at bottom low:

  • Members not proud to identify with it
  • Neither was corporate Nigeria
  • Huge debt overhang of about N80m
  • Owing months of salaries to a bloated workforce
  • Some former staff we owed had taken us to court
  • In summary, the NIMN brand equity was very low

Against that background, my immediate task was to quickly stabilize the Institute and change the narrative by repositioning it and raising the equity profile. I am proud to report the following achievements:

  • Proclamation by the Honourable Minister, Ministry of Industry Trade and
  • Restructuring into a lean, fit and more responsive secretariat
  • Befitting new secretariat in high brow Ikeja GRA, Lagos
  • Transparency in Institute’s finances with reduced number of banks under a
    single platform “REMITA”
  • Transparency in communication and regular feedback to members
  • New website/new database management system
  • Rising profile at government level:
    o Membership of Presidential Quarterly Business Forum(QBF)
    o Audience with the Vice-President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo
  • Election of a NIMN Fellow as Secretary General of APBN
  • Building inclusiveness by introducing e-voting to enable more members to be
    involved in choosing NIMN leadership
  • Re-introduction of Marketing Journal
  • Re-introduction of Newsletter

Things are looking. However we are not yet there. The past two years have
essentially been devoted to house cleaning.

I am therefore offering myself for a second term so that together, we can build on the solid foundation that has been laid. My special focus will be in the following areas:
1. Consolidate our hard won unity to create the right atmosphere for progress
2. Continue to the drive to get our certificates enlisted in the scheme of
service. Significant progress already made
3. Adopt available options to drive compliance
4. Focus on affiliation with similar international marketing institutes and open up
opportunities for international engagements of our members
5. Establish a mentoring programme to develop our young marketing
6. Establish a framework for ownership of our own secretariat
7. Establish a formal structure for sabbatical for our members in academia to
have opportunities in corporate member organisations.
8. Improve training curriculum and embark on accreditation drive to increase
institutions of higher learning in the activities and growth of the Institute
9. Creation of a more robust marketing consultancy framework to cater for the
needs of corporate and private sector of the economy.
10. Provision of marketing and marketing related job placement/workforce
outstanding needs of corporate Nigeria. Election of a NIMN Fellow as Secretary General of APBN

Mission Statement

NIMN shall create enduring, distinctive value for all stakeholders, through the development, promotion, and application of world-class marketing professionalism

The NIMN Vision

To be the Engine-room of value creation for consumer empowerment and society’s development.