Individual Membership Benefits

Membership of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN) allows members to affix the initials, animn, mnimn, fnimn to their names. This gives a certain identity and visibility to members’ professional status.

Membership offers platform for networking with other marketing professionals and provides opportunities to build relationships, exchange ideas and get acquainted with contemporary marketing issues and trends, and thus, enhance ones career and professional advancement.

Trainings, workshops, conferences designed to meet the developmental needs of members are available at a discount to members.

Career opportunities
NIMN provides a professional forum for members to interact and share knowledge/information on job openings before they are officially advertised. Also, some corporate organisations approach the Institute to recommend members to job openings.

Dinners, awards and other functions of the Institute are avenues to cultivate new friendship with peers and professional colleagues who share common interests or share engaging conversation with members on trends in the marketing/business world.

Mission Statement

NIMN shall create enduring, distinctive value for all stakeholders, through the development, promotion, and application of world-class marketing professionalism

The NIMN Vision

To be the Engine-room of value creation for consumer empowerment and society’s development.