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Principal Objectives

Broadly, the mandate of the Institute is to achieve among others, the following objectives:

  • To promote and develop the art and science of marketing to aid formal learning and rational assessment of members.
  • To promote marketing research, education and training standards.
  • To establish and sustain professional codes of practice in marketing.
  • To set standards of academic development and examinations for students and practitioners at all levels of Marketing and related fields.
  • To organize courses and training programmes for individual to assimilate vocational and academic developments impacting on the practice of Marketing practice.
  • To develop programmes of educational support and forum for exchange of ideas relating to the advancement of the practices of marketing management.
  • Conduct examinations and other form of assessment for the award of certificates and membership of the institute.
  • To authorize qualified individuals to use the designatory letters denoting their grades of membership.
  • To promote the best practice in marketing by identifying progressive individuals, management and organizations and encouraging others in the industry to emulate such practice through a programme of recognition put in place to reward achievers.
  • To promote research into the art and practice of marketing management and to assist individual and organization in disseminating the outcome of such research work
  • To publish study manuals to support individuals preparing for the examinations of the Institute.
  • To publish and promote materials in order to keep members apprised of development affecting the practice of marketing education and management.
  • To provide information for organizations seeking trained members desirous of employment as well as members seeking employment.
  • To contribute to policy formulation at States, Industrial sectors and National level, through presentation of position papers, local and national discourse and submission of memorandum, workshops and seminars.
  • To set standard of professional practice through explicit code of ethics for members of the Institute, monitor compliance and making sure that defaulters are sanctioned appropriately.

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